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Teeth Whitening (Kor Teeth Whitening system)

Teeth Whitening (Kor Teeth Whitening system)

What is the Kor Teeth Whitening System?

The Kor Teeth Whitening system is specifically designed to effectively whiten teeth using a refrigerated gel that is applied to tight-fitting oral trays. These trays prevent saliva from getting into them and mixing with the whitening gel. The result is a whiter, brighter smile that far exceeds results you’d get with other products. The reason we utilize the Kor Teeth Whitening system is because of the high-quality results we’ve achieved using this method.

Why would you need Teeth Whitening?

You may want to whiten your teeth because you’re tired of feeling badly about your appearance. Over time and with certain poor lifestyle habits, your teeth can begin to yellow and become discolored. This can make you look older than you feel as well as take away from the natural beauty of your smile. Whitening is ideal for most healthy adult patients who have come in for a dental checkup in the last year.

What makes you a good candidate for the Kor Teeth Whitening System?

It’s important that even with whitening, you keep up with your dental health and hygiene. To begin Kor Teeth Whitening treatment, it’s important to have come in for a routine checkup at least once in the last year. Likewise, you will need to have a consultation performed prior to being fitted for the trays that you’ll be wearing to complete whitening treatment. Whitening is ideal for most patients who want to change their smiles for everyday aesthetic purposes as well as events like weddings and reunions.

What can you expect during Kor Teeth Whitening Treatment?

You will come in for a complete consultation prior to the whitening treatment. Trays will be made and given to you along with a refrigerated peroxide whitening gel. You will be instructed on when and how to use the trays for optimal results. You can expect your teeth to whiten anywhere up to eight shades with successful treatment. Maintenance is important after whitening, as it helps you to retain your results without additional in-office treatment. We can help answer your questions regarding the Kor Teeth Whitening system and how it can work for you.

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth using the Kor Teeth Whitening system, we’re here to help schedule an appointment for you to come in.