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Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

What exactly is Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of partial to full anesthetic that puts you to sleep while dental procedures are being done. Sedation dentistry is completely safe because it is personalized to each individual patient. Patients of all ages can benefit from sedation dentistry because the advantages far outweigh any risks involved. Sleep dentistry is great for patients who are anxious over their dental appointments or who have problems sitting still to have work done.

Why would you need Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

You may want or even need sleep dentistry because you have a hard time visiting the dentist due to fear, anxiety and panic attacks. For patients with medical disorders and mental handicaps, it may be downright impossible for them to sit still in the chair comfortably while work is being done. Sedation dentistry is most often used for more complicated procedures, like surgeries. However, you can choose sleep dentistry even for minor work when needed.

What are the benefits of Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry?

The key benefit to sedation dentistry is that it is safe and effective for patients receiving dental care. For patients who regularly forgo treatment because of fear or panic, sleep dentistry offers them a completely different way of visiting the office. Sleep dentistry is also essential for more complicated treatments, as it helps to keep you calm and comfortable while more advanced work is being done. It’s safe for patients of varying ages, from kids to geriatric patients.

What can you expect when having Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry done?

Before sedation, we will have a consultation with you to determine what type and level anesthetic you want for the procedure. You are in total control over how much or how little anesthetic you receive. We are here to make your appointment as comfortable and fear-free as possible. Before the work is started, we will administer the sedation per your request. You will then go into partial or full sleep while the work is completed. We will move you to a recovery room, where you are able to relax while waking up from anesthesia.

If you’re interested in sedation dentistry either for yourself or a loved one, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have and get you in for an appointment.