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Dentures & Partials

Dentures & Partials

What are Partials and Dentures?

A full denture and partial are both prosthetic appliances that help restore fullness and beauty to your smile. These prosthetic appliances can be removed at any time, providing you with the ability to clean and care for them. With proper maintenance, you can expect your denture to last for anywhere from five to seven years. Partials contain just several teeth on the appliance to replace missing dentition where a full denture replaces an entire arch of missing teeth.

Why would you need a Partial or Denture?

You may need a partial denture if you are only missing some of your natural teeth. The partial works to replace just the teeth that are missing and is made to blend seamlessly into the rest of your smile. A full denture is necessary when you are missing all of your teeth. Extractions may be required prior to having a full denture made for you.

What are the benefits of wearing a Partial or Denture?

If you’re feeling badly about your appearance, a denture of any kind can help create a fuller and more even smile. This can boost your confidence and get you feeling better about your appearance. A denture can even help with creating a more youthful, rounded appearance to your face. When teeth are missing, facial muscles tend to sink in, giving a person a sunken-in look. These appliances fill in your smile, which prevents a sunken-in appearance.

What can you expect with the procedure for a Partial or Denture?

You will come in and have impressions made of your teeth and gums. If teeth need to be removed prior to the impression, this will be done before you can be fitted for the prosthetic. The impressions are used to create a new denture for you. The denture is matched to your existing smile so that it looks completely natural. Once the dentures have been made, you’ll come in to have them fitted. The bite and fit may need to be adjusted at this appointment. You are now able to enjoy the confidence that comes with enhancing your natural smile.

If you would like to have a denture or partial made for you, call our office today and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to come in.