Dentist treating patient teeth with assistant

How long is a dentist appointment?

Visiting the dental office is a great way to keep up with the health of your smile. Regular checkups, routine preventative care and restorative options are readily available to improve the overall look and feel of your smile. We completely understand that visiting the office isn’t the highlight of your day. Regardless of how comfortable and welcoming you will feel with us, you just want to get in and have the work done that’s needed and go about your busy day.

How Long is the Average Dental Appointment?
How long your dental appointment takes will mostly depend on the work needing to be done. However, you can expect the majority of appointments to be about an hour. For regular bi-annual checkups and cleanings, you will be in the office for an hour. For extractions, root canals, multiple fillings and smaller oral surgeries, you can expect the work to take roughly an hour. Less invasive procedures, like sealants, single fillings and simple extractions, you may find that your appointment is about 30 minutes. It is a good idea to give yourself about an hour to spend in the office regardless of the type of work that you need to have done.

Tips for Your Dental Appointment
The best way to make your appointments as quick as possible is to come in several minutes before your scheduled visit. This allows us to give you any paperwork that needs to be filled as well as allows us to ensure a room is available and set up for your appointment. If you have to cancel an appointment, we kindly ask that you give us an ample amount of time to move or remove this from our schedule. We will always provide you with information regarding your treatment and can let you know how long treatment will take before it is started. This gives you the chance to incorporate the treatment that is needed into your day without it becoming a burden.

One of the best ways to prevent long appointments in the dental office is by keeping up with regular preventative care. Your bi-annual cleanings and exams allow us to check for changes and offer treatment before any intra-oral problems are allowed to get worse. This not only improves the look of your smile, but it prevents the need for emergency appointments and longer visits when you do come in for treatment.

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