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Fissure Sealing In Children

Fissure Sealing In Children

It’s a preventive procedure, which is aimed primarily at preserving teeth in children
Fissure sealing is a preventive procedure, which is aimed primarily at preserving the teeth in children. The term “fissure” refers to small depressions in the upper part of primary teeth. These areas are most susceptible to caries in patients in childhood. Accordingly, the treatment of fissures in children helps to preserve in the future the teeth that are formed on the basis of milk.

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Peri-implant Disease

1 In 5 Implant Carriers Will End Up Developing A Peri-implant Disease

The presence of periodontitis is the main risk factor for developing periimplantitis, studies reveal.
Having a dental implant requires the same care as a natural tooth, so prevention is essential to avoid infections that, in many cases, can endanger the success of implant therapy and/or decrease its “useful life”. One of the world’s leading experts in Periodontics and implant therapy has drawn attention to this growing health problem.

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Canine fenestration when the teeth do not erupt well

Canine Fenestration: When The Teeth Do Not Erupt Well

Do they talk to you about fenestration and you don’t know what it is all about? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The tooth fenestration is a treatment is to remove bone and mucosa that accumulates around a tooth that has unerupted normally. This anomalous rash can damage the adjacent teeth, damage the roots of the teeth and cause cysts, so that, with this process, the tooth is released and its crown is visible. From there, after the fenestration, a bracket is placed on the tooth in order to take it to the arch.

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